Instagram for Business Users

More and more people are using smartphones these days, and the Instagram phenomenon that lets you easily publish good-looking photos on the web has virtually exploded. The reason is that it’s extremely simple to shoot, share and distribute images.


In just a couple of years, Instagram has managed to reach over a hundred million users. It’s also a social service that allows you to follow other users, tag photos and apply various filters for processing the pictures you want to publish.

There are also plenty of businesses that are capitalizing on the trend by using it effectively in their marketing campaigns. One example is Intel (see above).

There are many advantages for businesses to start using Instagram. You can give your customers a personal view of your business and an opportunity to share and spread your message at no cost to you.

You get a “free” chance to tell your company’s story and show its everyday workings with the help of cool photos.

How to get started?

Just download the Instagram app for your smart phone from Google Play or App Store and register an account. Pair your Instagram account with your Twitter account, Facebook page, or other social platforms where you want to share your photos.

Now shoot, edit and share!

Before you publish, you also have the possibility to specify a geographic location and in what other social media places you want to show your picture. Describe your picture with hashtags, Instagram’s way to tag your photos. Hashtags essentially means putting a # in front of a word and it will be linked.

To promote your brand effectively you should promote your photos through all available channels and establish a specific hashtag that represents your business. Also describe your captions to enhance your communication with the receiver.